Pre-Order Deposit for drop-N-gro module “A”


When you sign up today for $1500, you will receive a notification confirming your serial number and place in production, along with an invite to our exclusive Green Carpet Event launch on February 14th, 2024. Any orders placed before 14th February 2024 also secure a $30,000 discount at the point of final payment. Once your drop-N-gro module is scheduled for construction, you will receive a payment request for 50% of the production price minus your $1500 deposit. The final payment minus the $30,000 discount will be due on the day we schedule shipping of the finished module(s) to your location.

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The drop-N-gro module “A” is a great place to begin if you start with commercial-scale indoor agriculture. Perfectly balanced with everything you need to focus on quality, procedures, consistency and predictable yields to secure your off-take agreements with potential clients.

The drop-N-gro pre-order deposit secures your position in our assembly line as we ramp up.  We are already producing serial numbers 1 and 2, and we expect to start building pre-order units in February 2024. The pre-order option will close on February 14th, 2024, when we will go to full production pricing.

A fully refundable deposit is required to secure pre-order pricing, which ensures your place in our assembly line, along with a $30,000 discount.



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